Excerpts from the Annual Meeting of JHEASA
n Dhyana Ashram, Chennai 6th – 8th November, 2009

Session I :

Education for Peace & Sustainable Development

Chair: Fr Philip Abraham

Secretary: Fr Rex Angelo

Resource Person: Mr. Lawrence Surendra

Session II :

Sharing on Best Practices in Groups

(Arts & Science, Education, Business Schools & Engineering)

Session III :

Chair: Fr Antonysamy

Secretary: Fr Oscar S. Tirkey

Release of IPP by Fr Edward, POSA edited by Dr Adeline Vaz and received by Fr Vincent Braganza

Sessions IV - VII :

DNA of Higher Education

Recalibrating – Responsibility, Growth & Competitiveness: organized by

Knowledge Xchange at Hotel ACCORD Metropolitan

Sessions VIII :

Innovations in Higher Education - a Loyola College, Chennai Experience:

Dr. Bernard D'Sami, Dr. P. Sagayaraj, Dr. Louis Joseph Chandra

Session IX :

Chair: Fr Thomas Karthanam

Secretary: Fr Rex Angelo

Sharing on Regional Challenges

Session X :

Sharing on UGC Matters: Fr Xavier Alphonse, Member UGC

Sharing by Fr Edward, POSA

Business Session :

•  Decided to activate the website: www.jheasa.org

•  Decided to have JHEASA's Student Seminar from 15 to 17th January 2010 organized by AICUF House, Chennai. Each institute is requested to send two to four students preferably a second year UG student.

•  Decided to have JHEASA's Staff Seminar to be conducted Zonal level from February to August 2010 organized by

Fr Kuruvilla to coordinate Central Zone

Fr Felix Raj to coordinate Northern Zone

Fr K.P. Mathew to coordinate Southern Zone

Fr Frazer to coordinate Western Zone

Two to four participants could be sent from each institute and one among them is a Jesuit.

•  Decided to have the next JHEASA meeting from 5th to 7th November 2010 in Jamshedpur or Bhubaneswar depending on the availability of POSA

•  Decided to attend the International Conference on Jesuit Higher Education in large number to be held from 22nd to 24th April 2010 at Mexico City based on the invitation letter from Fr Paul Locatelli, Secretary, International Jesuit Higher Education. The title of the conference is: “Networking Jesuit Higher Education for the Globalizing World.” The aim is shaping the future for a more humane, just, sustainable globe. The principal purpose is manifold: to enhance Jesuit education for students and research by faculty; to strengthen distinctive identity and mission; to better serve society and the Church; to collaborate among universities and with other Jesuit ministries, and to improve the global network of Jesuit Higher Education. It is also a time for us to hear Fr Nicolás speak about his vision for Jesuit Higher Education and the Intellectual Apostolate.

•  Fr Edward, POSA would write to Provincials to permit Jesuits to participate in the International Conference.

•  Decided to send the list of lay participants and Jesuits to Secretary, JHEASA so that economic assistance could be sought from Fr Paul Locatelli, Secretary, International Jesuit Higher Education.

•  Decided to hold a meeting for the participants going to Mexico.

Fr A. Albert Muthumalai, SJ

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